#PitchWars Mentee Bio!


John Alexander George is an American author and no-good layabout who writes under the name J.A. George.

…sorry, thought this was my Wikipedia entry. Considering that I post under my initials, people ask me all the time what they should call me. I’m good with John, George or JAG. If you want to come up with some other nickname for me, I’ll probably be good with that too. I’m a fairly laid-back dude.

So who am I?

  • A suburban husband and dad to two ridiculously awesome little people
  • Spider-Fan #1. Seriously. If my wife would have let me, my son would be named “Peter Parker George”. Curses!
  • A movie junkie. I will gladly watch and discuss ANYTHING, from Citizen Kane to Snow Dogs
  • An ex-skater punk with the tattoos and piercings to prove it
  • An office drone (until the revolution comes. Or I land a fat publishing contract. Y’know, whichever happens first.)
  • Ethnically diverse (a.k.a. a good Greek boy and Black to the bone, y’all)
  • An agnostic who’s surrounded by loved ones with strong faith, and kind of obsessed with exploring people’s beliefs

About my writing

Most of my writing is adult science fiction, which is where my Pitch Wars entry falls. I’ve dabbled in horror, and some day I want to write a YA story that’s kicking around in my head.

  • I find fiction that’s consistently dark or negative depressing in all forms of media, and do my best to avoid that in my own work. Give the reader stakes, but let them experience your characters’ highs, too. And for the love of all things holy, make ’em laugh every once in a while.
  • I hate weak women and writing where women are constantly portrayed as victims. So my work is more likely to feature Wonder Woman than a Scream Queen. And if one of my female characters does end up being the victim, she’s probably going to save herself.
  • I adore world building, and believe it’s more than just the politics or religious organizations a character encounters. People who know me know I love Star Wars and superheroes and rap music. Those things influenced me and the way I look at the world. The same is true for my characters, so I try to give readers a world they can believe in and (hopefully) fall in love with and get lost there. My goal is to work in the details, entertainers, organizations, businesses, etc. to make that happen.

Why mentors should pick meeeeeeeee

  • Because I genuinely want to improve. I think I’m a decent writer, but I’m not a master. I want to improve my technique, particularly when it comes to pacing and building suspense. I’m willing to put in however much work that takes, and I’m not giving up on my baby, a.k.a. my MS.
  • My background is in journalism, so I’m VERY open to being edited and critiqued.
  • Because I do a mean Grover impression, and will say “Near”, “Far” and “It is I, Super Grover!” on command.


  • Several people have told me I have a good radio voice. If you pick me, you can call me up any time of day or night and ask me to say quirky things like “Riboflavin!” and “Inconceivable!”
  • Because I’m a kid of the 80s, and make weird homages like this: